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Mini Muffin Corn Dog Poppers

Staying at my mom’s is like being on vacation.  She helps out so much with the kids and she loves to cook as well, so I don’t have to figure out what we will be eating for dinner.  She also likes to try new recipes all the time- I haven’t figured out if I learned this from her or if I inherited it from her.

Anyway, last night we finally had a night to just relax, snack, and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.  She picked out Rachael Ray’s Mini Muffin Corn Dog Poppers and they were wonderful with our favorite quesadillas.

The cream cheese is frozen ahead of time, so the chunks of cream cheese inside the muffin stayed together.  The jalapeno added just enough heat, and the overall texture was perfect.  I liked them the way they were, but there was not much hot dog in it.  I would suggest adding one more chopped hotdog if you are really looking forward to a corn dog experience.  They were more like a bread to us than an appetizer; we are thinking we would serve these along with chili.

Tomorrow will be the start of pumpple week!  Don’t miss it!  And you will be able to watch me demonstrate a fall-themed cake ball live at 7pm Monday on


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