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Family Friday!

So much has happened in the last week or two-I never even had a chance to do my family update last week.

The major event of the week was my future sister-in-law’s bachelorette party.  I got to spend a night out with the girls, get to know the other bridesmaids a little better, and even have uninterrupted sleep in a hotel!  We stayed at the Park Inn in downtown Toledo, and upon checking in we learned that we would not be able to leave until after 11 am the next day due to the Race for the Cure.  We were all fine with that!  We all got dressed-up and started having fun in the hotel rooms with drinks and games.  Then we got on the shuttle to go to Hollywood Casino.  I haven’t been in a casino for a long time; I wish we would have had one this close to home before kids-I used to have to drive to Detroit for the casino experience.  I was pretty impressed with it overall, I couldn’t believe how busy it was!  We had a great night out.  We ate dinner at the casino, Scene’s Salsa Burger was amazing.  While we were there, a band called Venyx was playing and I definitely look forward to seeing them play again.  I will definitely friend them on FB.  They were a cover band that played a variety of all my favorite music.

After going to bed around 2 (I know, I thought we would have lasted longer!) I was ready to wake up at 6am.  It was so hard to stay asleep past my normal wake-up time.  Then at 7 we couldn’t stay in bed any longer.  Why?  The excitement of the Race for the Cure was right outside our window.  We could hear the radio station playing music and speaking on a megaphone-I didn’t mind waking up to this at all-it just added more fun to the weekend.  My sister-in-law and I decided to go down and watch the race, she had a friend that was running, although we never saw him.  The whole experience was so inspirational.  I am really thinking of participating in the next few years.

Some of the other fun things our family has done recently:

Walter and I got to attend a Fisher-Price Imaginext party.  We love Imaginext toys, we have The Batcave, and I’m sure I will end up getting him the new Eagle Talon Castle and dragon.  Even I can’t wait to play with it.  Check out Kat’s blog, Mom on the go in Holy Toledo, to see the kids in action!

Genevieve and I attended a MegaBloks Lil’ Princess party.  Genevieve and her little friends got to dress up in their princess attire and play.  The girls were all so adorable!  And the MegaBloks princess and horse is a perfect toy for any 2-year old “princess”!

On Tuesday, I hosted a game night for some friends.  We played Telestrations, a game that sort of combines Pictionary and that Telephone whispering game we all used to play at slumber parties when we were little.

On Wednesday, I had the chance to attend a couponing class.  I learned a lot of tricks about each store’s coupon policies.  The best tip is to gather a group, 5 is optimal, to share coupons and also keep in touch when you see good deals that would interest each other.  Most importantly, I learned about a wonderful organization, Nightingale’s Harvest Pantry, that uses extreme couponing to purchase items for the families of cancer patients.  If you ever have any extra coupons you will not be using, please forward them to this organization.  Before Lisa Kronbach-Eisenbach started this organization there was no assistance for cancer patients and their families to purchase food or cleaning products.

We have another major event tomorrow at Bowling Green City Park for Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  We are all going to the walk to support my nephew!  I will share our experience with you all next Friday.  If you live in the NW Ohio area, we’d love your support!  Click here to learn more about how Childhood Apraxia of Speech affects members of my family.


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