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Tackle-It Tuesday – Kid-Art Recipe Book

How many of your child’s art projects do you save?  Has it already begun to pile up in your house now that school is in full swing?  Why not put it to good use by reusing your kids’ artwork in your recipe book?

Well, I noticed that my recipes began to pile up again, and it was definitely time to get them organized.  I am happy to say that I am all caught up!

I began reusing my son’s art as soon as he was able to scribble on paper.  I even gave him some sheets of paper with my recipes on them to use for art.  I love reflecting on the memories of watching my kids work on their little projects and how far my son’s artistic ability has come over the years.  It is still impossible to save all of it, but I have a good representation of their projects without feeling like it’s taking up precious space.  They are being put to wonderful use in my kitchen, and now every time I flip through my recipes, my heart melts.

I have to share my favorite picture my son created with all of you.  This is one that’s been taped to my kitchen wall and I have to get a frame for it.  Can you see the horses?  Can you believe he created this by rolling a marble around in paint?  I didn’t even see it until my sister pointed it out one day.

Do you have any tips for using or storing your child’s artwork?

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