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Family Friday!

My boys went fishing again!  And they took the camera with them this time!  I know my husband will always cherish these photos and the time they are spending together.  I think it’s now going to be too chilly for them to get out again this year.

Last weekend we took a trip down to the Columbus area to visit family.  While we were there, we spent a day at The Oldtime Farming Festival in Centerburg.  It was so much fun.  We saw our first parade; Walter ended up telling a lady to back-off from taking candy they were throwing from the floats-like he didn’t have enough already!  Gevenvieve handled the noise of the tractors very well-I think she’s overcome her fear of them!

Lots of food!  I can’t believe that Walter ate almost an entire cotton candy!  It was huge!

He did share a little of it.

I had never seen a calliope in-person, so I was really excited about this:

On Sunday, we attended the Fossil Fest in Sylvania.  They brought in a new load of shale and the kids were swarming around it.  We didn’t find anything great, but we saw some really neat fossils found by others.  The fossil park is something we just discovered a couple of months ago-Chuck and I might actually like it more than the kids, but we are all entertained every time we go.

After a great weekend with family, we had a great week with a lot of friends:  We attended a “play with your food” playdate at the park (kids were able to use different fruits and vegetables to paint with, great idea Kat!), a tea playdate, a playdate at the library, and our regular Thursday playdate.  Such a busy week…I love it!  Now we are off to a farm to celebrate the beginning of fall with our playgroup!

We’ve had an exciting week, how was your week?


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