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Family Friday!

It’s time for my family update!  Over the Labor Day weekend, we had family portraits done.  A friend of mine, Allie, of Allison Darr Photography and Table for More, took gorgeous pictures of my sibs and all of our families.  We wanted to take new pictures to include some new additions to the family since our last family portraits.  My brother is getting married next month, and since we took family pictures my sister now has a one-year-old little boy.  From the sneak peaks I’ve seen, they have turned out beautifully!  I can’t wait to see the rest!  If you live in or find yourself in the Toledo area, look her up.  We had our pictures taken at the Toledo Botanical Gardens and everytime I went around a corner there were more and more beautiful settings for portraits.  It was my first time visiting the gardens and I was really impressed.  We will definitely get more photos done there in the future!

My husband was able to take our son fishing two separate times in the past week, last Friday and Monday.  They loved having their “boy time” and came home with a couple bluegill and sunfish.  It was the first time I had ever cooked fish that wasn’t sold as a fillet at the store.  Luckily, my hubby took care of the scaling and filleting.  Walter was so proud of the fish he caught and that he was able to share it with his family for dinner.  All I had to do was coat it with cornmeal and panfry it.  I love a free dinner!  And so easy!

The remainder of the week was very relaxing.  We had an appointment-free week, it was nice to not have to leave the house immediately after putting Walter on the bus everyday to go to therapy or a doctor’s appointment.  We enjoyed staying home and spend quality time together, having extra opportunities to bond.  We took long walks, played in the sandbox, went to the library.  We even solved our bedtime problems, it was as easy as taking away the TV for a day.  Walter now understands if he has his tantrums, he will not have TV the whole next day, and it has made such a difference.  I hope this continues to work as well as it has been!  It was much calmer than our average week.  Until yesterday…Genevieve woke up with a fever and she had been messing with her ears for a few days (always at mealtimes with nasty fingers, of course).  I took her to the pediatrician and she had clear ears and no strep throat.  The underlying reason I wanted to take her in was because Tuesday night, while I was cleaning up after dinner, I heard her gagging and choking in the other room.  By the time I got there, her mouth was clear and we figured if she swallowed something it would pass through, but we still weren’t sure if she really had even swallowed something.  Could the fever be related to this?  We went for an X-ray to make sure nothing had been aspirated and her lungs were clear.  But there was some round metal object in her intestines!  She probably got a hold of a coin somehow and it just has to make it’s way out.  OUCH!  This girl must either be a metal detector and just money hungry (literally).  No matter how hard we try to keep money away from her, she still finds it.

I found this article very helpful and wanted to provide the link in case you find yourself in a similar situation.

Swallowing small objects, such as coins, is very common.  Even more so, when you think about cases like ours, when you’re not even sure if she swallowed something at all.  If it hadn’t been a metal object it may not have showed up on the X-ray, and we still wouldn’t know if this had actually happened.  I’m sure there are many more cases when kids swallow with no problem and the thought would never cross any parents minds.  Initially, I felt guilty, as though I should have been there watching her, but nothing would ever get done around the house if that were the case.  You can do everything in your power to try to prevent this, but overall, it is so stressful to be on high alert at all times.  Something like this can happen at any time and it’s just not possible to keep your eyes glued to what your child may pop in her mouth at any second of the day.  It’s not like she was unattended either, my husband was actually in the room with the kids when it happened.  Parenting is so difficult and somedays I am so relieved we all made it through the day safely as I tuck the kids into bed.

Speaking of my mommy-break and relaxing at the end of the day, a few of my mommy friends and I got together to record a promo for our new show “Moms’ Timeout” on  We always have a great time when we get together, and it’s so important to know that moms are there to support each other.  So we would like to invite you to take a mom’s timeout…sit back, relax, and know that we can relate with you, too!  Check it out!

Mom’s, take a timeout from all of your responsibilities and tune in!  You deserve a timeout, too!


One thought on “Family Friday!

  1. Lilly thank you for sharing the link and reminding us moms that those things will happen, even when we are in the room, and we can’t blame ourselves… I think this is something all moms are guilty of. It sounds like you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and a relaxing week. I love the fact that Walter and your hubby went fishing, how cool is that! And who can say no to FREE food! I enjoyed reading your post.

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