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“Dating” a PB & J Addict

I will devote my first official post to a creation my 4-year-old son came up with. Every member of my family loves a classic PB&J. It’s not abnormal for us to have 5 or 6 open jars of different jams in our fridge. This way we can still get a little variety with our lunch favorite.

As I was making our sandwiches, my son announced that he would like dates on his PB&J. Didn’t sound too bad, people stuff their dates with peanut butter, so why not put dates on a peanut butter sandwich? My son brought them over and began sprinkling them onto his sandwich. He absolutely loved it. I slipped a date into the corner of my sandwich and I was pleasantly suprised. That date added that wonderful chewy texture I was craving.

Dating your PB&J adds extra iron (extra benefit for us, it’s hard to get my kids to eat meat), antioxidants, and extra fiber to this lunch-time favorite! We will definitely be looking for more creative ways to use dates.

2 thoughts on ““Dating” a PB & J Addict

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